Monday, December 13, 2010

100 Miler?

Well, I am on the verge of pulling the trigger on the Big One - the only major milestone that's still open on my endurance resume. The mystical 100 mile run. I'm looking very hard at Vermont, which I believe is July 16 and 17th (that's right - two days> I will be very fortunate if I finish this in less than 24 hours). Payro is in and by all accounts, my man Todd is sitting here right with me on the fence. It would be spectacular good fun to do my first hundo with two of my closest friends and as it turns out, The Wife and Kids will be in the near vicinity and will be able to come out and hopefully crew, so it seems as if the stars are in alignment on this one. Unless someone offers a good reason why I shouldn't do this (aside from the obvious - that it's um, a 100 mile run), I'm going to pull the trigger in 24 hours.

Running friends on the East Coast - Gail, Neil (especially you, Neil), et al be forewarned; you might get called into pacing duty!


Anonymous said...

need a reason to bail on this one? take a look at your picture from your 50k run. gs

Anonymous said...

Game on!

I am officially registered.