Sunday, December 26, 2010

And We Are Back

Got back late last night (after 15 hours of travel) from the DR. Sorry for not posting much, but needed to get off the grid. Suffice to say, we and our friends the Berlent's all had a great time. You know you've had a good time when a week seems to pass by in a day. All of our kids got along great as did the wives -- all good. Git in some running with Todd, quite a bit of swimming and a lot of hanging out and cerveza drinking. There might even have been a bit of oggling at the many topless women on the beach but alas, we will save that story for another day. So, all good. Read Tim Ferriss' new book, the Four Hour Body, which is highly recommended, finished the Hunger Games trilogy and am about halfway into Keith Richard's bio, which is fantastic. So, that's the week that was; I miss the warmth (and of course, our friends) already. Hope we make this an annual thing (though not to the Dominican Republic - too damn far from California).

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