Monday, September 29, 2008

L'Shana Tova

Today, as many of you know, is the Jewish New Year. We celebrate the coming year and at the same time begin a ten day period of introspection that culminates in Yom Kippur, the day of repentance. To all of my friends reading this -- Jewish or not -- I wish you a shana tova -- a very happy New Year, filled with health, happiness and prosperity (though after watching the market sink today, prosperity seems like a lofty goal). And to my cancer survivor friends out there, I wish you an extra special shana tova. May you all be inscribed in the book of life for this coming year, and many, many more to follow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well, it's a done deal: the Girl is the proud bearer (wearer?) of earrings. We finally capitulated and took her to get them today. She is on cloud nine and for some reason, I feel like I have failed as a father. They just don't look right on a six year in my opinion. Unfortunately, my daughter is just like e (and her mom) in that she is a bit obsessive/compulsive and she has been pining (an understatement) for them for the last six months. I will say this though --while I thought her brother was going to faint, this kid didn't even flinch. The piecer lady said in her 20 years, she never saw a kid her age sit so still and demonstrate no emotion/pain whatsoever. This kid is cut a bit different. Whether that's in a good or bad way remains to be seen.


Boy, my young Michigan Wolverines made me proud yesterday. I watched the first half and it was beyond abysmal. It might have been the worst football I have ever seen. It was a gorgeous day here in old Marin County, so I felt compelled to take the kids out to play. I was just out of house when my iphone started blowing up with texts from my brother Neil (thanks again, Neil) sending updates. The comeback was so epic that after a quarter I threw the kids in the car and put the game on Sirius. I don't think the kids really knew what was going on but I know they had fun screaming "Go Blue" at the top of their lungs. I had fun with that too. Got home and caught the last few moments of what might be one of the greatest comebacks I have seen. it wasn't the amount of points scored that made this game so epic, it was the difference between the two halves. The first half we looked like Paramus High School; the second half we were the new look Wolverines. A heck of a comeback for Coach Rod and a harbinger of what we can expect to see in the future from the new regime. Very encouraging, indeed. As Neil said: speed and fitness trumps size.

Go Blue.

The Old Guys

If you hang out anywhere long enough, I guess you start to become a regular. And that's what has happened to me at my local pool.

I've been swimming there regularly for more than two years and over that time have gotten to know most of the regulars. Most of whom are pretty old dudes. Of course, California being California, here old dudes swim every day. But I digress.

So anyway I'm hanging out in the locker room post swim on Friday when one of the old dude comes in and starts chatting away with me (note to old dude: you're a cool guy and all but put some clothes on next time please). In the middle of our chat in walks another old dude, so now the three of us start chatting. Two minutes later, you guessed it: another old dude. We're having a regular koffeeklatsch the four of us, chit chatting away (about what, I couldn't tell you) when it hits me like a thunderbolt: I'm an old dude. Or at least, I'm one of the old dudes. And it's doubtful I'll ever be the young dude anymore.

Weird thing is -- I think I'm ok with this all. Because old dudes are cool.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News of the Day

So, what's the big news of the day? hmm. Could it be the disintegrating financial markets? Nope.

How about the presidential campaign and McCain's (strange) effort to cancel Friday's debate? Somewhat attention grabbing but not it.

Lance's press conference spelling the details of his 2009 season? Let's see: I am pretty much the biggest cycling fan ever but nope, not it.

Which leaves us with only one more thing: Clay Aiken declaring he is gay.

I am still in a state of utter shock and am not certain how I made it through the day. I mean -- Clay Aiken? Who EVER would have thought that?

Not sure if I will ever manage to accept this as the truth.

In other news, McCain is out of his mind and I am counting the hours, minutes and seconds until the 2009 Tour de France. I might need to take the month of July off and head to Paris -- and unlike the above, that's no joke.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall TV

Fall is the season of so many things: college football. NFL. Baseball playoffs. Marathon training. And new TV season. Thus far, with the exception of marathon training, all of the above kind of stink (read: Michigan, Jets, Yanks) but alas, hope springs eternal.

Not so sure what to make of the TV season, though I sure am happy that it's back. Here's a few initial thoughts:

The New 90210. Horrific. Unwatcheable. Maybe the worst show I have ever seen in my life and that is saying something considering that I am the master of junk TV. I gave up halfway through the first episode, and that's saying something.

Entourage: Still one of the greatest shows of all-time, but this season is off to an uneven start. The storyline (Vince's descent) has been predictable as are the characters. They need an injection of new energy because it's on the precipice of becoming stale. That said, I could also see things changing quickly. And Ari is still as entertaining as hell.

True Blood: I like this one. A lot. It's definitely getting better each week and it's a real unique take on the typical vampire genre. I'm very optimistic that this is only going to get better though it's been slightly plodding. I'll write that off though to character development.

Fringe: I missed the boat on the whole Lost craze and wasn't going to do the same with this new JJ Abrams show. And I hae to say: it is awesome. Without question my favorite new show of the season thus far. If you haven't checked it out yet, I believe it's available through itunes, and it's well worth the purchase. But act now, as this plotline is moving quickly.

Boston Legal: Last night was the season premier but I was kind of disappointed. See Entourage for an explanation as to why. bUt even a "bad" Boston Legal is better than 90% of anything else on TV.

So, that's my thoughts. Anyone catch a new show(s) that I should be checking out?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


One of the coolest aspects of the Bay Area is that nearly everyone is fitness minded. This region is most definitely not a New York or even a Chicago from a cultural perspective (the museums and theater don't compare) but people really take advantage of the great outdoors; everywhere you turn people are swimming, biking, running, hiking, playing baseball, lacrosse, etc. The area is so beautiful that you can't help but not take advantage of it.

Yesterday morning we drove into the City early and watched my buddy Mark and his pal from SoCal do a swim from Alcatraz to shore. Mark did great and I was stoked for him but at the same time I confess to being green with envy; I wanted to jump in and join him. Alas, despite my feelings, it's good to be rooting others on, especially a friend. I did run 12 miles home; first time I have ever run from the City, up and over the Golden Gate bridge and back into Marin. Beautiful views on a beautiful day.


Today I coached the Little Boy's fall baseball team; that's right I am the "official" coach. It's pretty rewarding, though coaching third and fourth graders definitely has its moments. Nice kids though, and it really is amazing to me how much little kids love baseball. Actually, it shouldn't be that amazing: here I am at 42 watching the Yankees game and screaming at the TV. I'm sad to say goodbye to the stadium.


I am not exactly knows as a fan of heavy metal music, but I very much recommend the new Metallica album. It's loud, aggressive, catchy and perfect for running. I've listened to it twice this weekend and it's pretty epic.


Off to LA tomorrow for something like the 25th time this year. I was looking at my calender last week and realized that last week was the first time in about eight weeks that I wasn't on a plane. Getting a tad bit tired of the constant traveling, but as Michael Corleone so elegantly said, this is the life I've chosen.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Market

I was going to write about my new favorite show, Fringe, which is quickly becoming my new 24, but events of the past week take precedence. So I will save that post for another day.

In all my days, I have never seen anything like what's been going on in the financial markets this week. It is utterly astonishing and interestingly (if that's the right word), communications, my chosen profession, appears to be playing a large role in what's occurring. What I mean by this is that "bad news' -- or even the rumor of bad news -- is spreading like wildfire, and is becoming almost a self-fulfilling prophesy. And sadly, the weight of the market appears to be stronger than the weight of the message and there's not much that these companies (Lehman, Morgan, AIG, WaMu, et al) can do for say from a communication perspective to provide counterbalance to the utter fear that's currently running rampant. I only hope for all of our sake that calmer heads ultimately prevail before there's more carnage (Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs). Tomorrow will be interesting to say the least.

Here's hoping to a rally.

Monday, September 15, 2008


I am so tired I can barely stand, let alone type. I have to confess that I was going through the motions today: I was so tired I felt like I was having an out of body experience. Most likely do to my marathon training, which has ramped up (9 mile tempo run on Sat followed by 12 mile tempo run yesterday) significantly. Anyway, hopefully it's nothing more than that and I am sure I will feel better tomorrow.

In the interim, I am sitting on the coach, slacking and watching the Big Lewbowski, which is without doubt one of the greatest movies of all time. Not a bad evening, actually; also just finished watching the Monday night football game, which was terrific.

Speaking of sports. we are entering high season: baseball playoff, college football season, NFL, and NBA season is just around the corner. What a shame that every single one of my teams suck.

Anyway, that's about it. Don't have the energy to post much more. I will leave you with this classic line from the Big Lewbowski: "I told those f*&ks at the league office a thousand times -- I don't roll on shabbos."


Anyone out there disagree that this isn't a top five movie?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

Anyone have any thoughts on the new HBO show, True Blood? I had high hopes and was a bit disappointed but will definitely give it some more time.

Suffice to say, it's great to see the return of Entourage, which is one of the top three shows on YV.

I bough the new Tom Friedman bok but haven't opened yet. Interesting premise to this one but seems more a continuation of the World is Flat than anything else.

My Michigan Wolverines suck. At least we knew this going into the season But man oh man; I can't recollect a Michigan team this bad.

Tons of good new music out there. A few things I've been listening to include the new Verve, Steinski (best album of the year according to Pitchfork. If you liked Girl Talk you will like this), Flying Lotus ("FlyLo") and Ra Ra Riot. If I didn't work with a lot of young people I'd never have heard of any of these bands, btw.

Yankees season is over. I feel bad for the Little Boy. He never gives up hope and has yet to accept this reality.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, Lance is back. I am of mixed minds about this to be honest. On the one hand, I am super stoked. I am going to have a very, very enjoyable July. It promises to be like the old days. On the other hand, I am bummed that he's really risking his legacy. It's not that his legacy will ever be really tarnished: seven wins are seven wins, but it would be a real bummer if he went out with a loss, which is a realistic possibility. There are some good young riders coming up and Lance will be 37. I am also a bit perplexed as to how this will work out logistically. I presume he races as team leader (presuming he races for Astana and Johan) but what does this mean vis a vis Alberto Contador, who is without questions the best rider in the peleton? It gets complex. I don't think it's outside the realm of possibilities that Lance forms his own team, financed by Nike, Oakley and other sponsors. WIll be interesting to see how it all shakes out. I am also a but bummed that this all got announced during the Vuelta, but I don't think he was responsible for the leak. All that being said, I'll most certainly be rooting for him and obviously I applaud the cancer awareness angle as well.


Speaking of athletic pursuits, I hit the track tonight for some speedwork and decided to take the kids. They were playing off to the side with some friends and running occasional laps with me. Once I finished, I asked the Girl to run a cooldown with me. She runs alongside me and I'm looking at my GPS watch and -- holy cow, I notice we are running 8:40 pace and she's hanging with me no problem. We dropped the Little Boy and she runs alongside with me for a half mile. Two adults who were running at the track come up to me in amazement asking how old she is, etc. As we approach the half mile mark she asks if she can stop to get some water, but tells me to keep going, she'll pick back up the next lap. So I pick her up and we start cruising at around 8:30 pace and at the end she breaks out into a full out sprint! It was truly a sight to behold. She has major athlete potential, this one.


Last night I watched the premier of the new JJ Abrams drama, Fringe. All I can say is: wow. There was quite a bit of action. too much in fact; it was starting to get difficult to follow (note in my typical fashion I was doing three things at once). Anyone else get a chance to check that one out?

Help Lara

For all my readers based near or around Marin County, please make note of the below. Finding a suitable donor is a numbers game; the greater the population, the better chance of finding a donor who matches.

Stories like this just break my heart. I've learned that I can take what cancer dishes out to me, but I'm not so sure I could handle it if heaven forbid it happened to one of my children. I will be on line on the 13th for sure.

Godspeed to six year old Lara and her family.

Bone Marrow Drive Organized By Friends To Increase Chances Of Finding Match For Six Year Old Mill Valley Girl Battling Leukemia
WHAT: LARA DAY! Friends of Lara have organized a bone marrow drive to increase the number of donors in the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry with the hopes of finding a suitable bone marrow match for Lara.
WHO: Lara is a six year old Mill Valley girl who was diagnosed with leukemia on June 26th. She is currently being treated with chemotherapy, but now needs to find a suitable bone marrow match as soon as possible. Lara and her family have been active in the Mill Valley community and are well loved by a wide range of families who are pulling together to try to do whatever possible to help this sweet, loveable and wonderful girl.
WHEN: Saturday, September 13, 2008
9 a.m. 2 p.m.
WHERE: Edna Maguire School Multipurpose Room
80 Lomita Drive
Mill Valley, CA
DETAILS: Friends of Lara are asking all Mill Valley and Southern Marin residents to please take time out of their busy Saturday to do a cheek swab and register for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry. Lab processing fees are $52. Any amount $52/$25/0 is appreciated but not necessary to participate. (Cash or check only). Blood type has no influence on bone marrow suitability for a match. Donors must be between the ages of 18-60. Financial donations of any amount to sponsor other donors can be taken on-site or sent to: The Stanford Foundation, c/o Cece Bechelli, 237 Laverne Avenue, Mill Valley, CA 94941.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More Pictures

Last of the photos: first up we have Gail "Ultrawoman" Marino. Gail used this past weekend as a mere training weekend for an upcoming six hour (!) race. Next are the Quirkes: Jen and Nick. Gotta love that picture of Nick, who's training for the Chicago Marathon. Lat but certainly not least is my man the Rookie, aka Glen Moyer, who's also run multiple marathons. Tomorrow I will post a picture of Crazy Mama and her brood. This picture is so cute it merits its own post.

And thus concludes our Second Annual Run for Thyroid Cancer. I will post last in the week in regards to my group donation.

Tomorrow we will get back to our regularly scheduled blogging, including a long post about Lance Armstrong. I am still processing that news but think that I am pretty excited. Sure, he's somewhat risking his legacy but what the hell: it will be fun as hell to watch and it's his legacy, not ours. More on that tomorrow.

Monday, September 8, 2008

But Wait -- There's More

Some late breaking reports from around the country.

Our superstar fellow thyroid cancer survivor and my new hero Gail Marino -- no stranger now to this blog - wins the Ironman (Ironwoman), actually) award for the weekend. She ran 6 miles on Saturday followed by -- get ready for it -- 25 on Sunday, for a grand total of 31. That is straight up badass. And did I say she's a cancer survivor? You rule, Gail; enormous respect.

My main man The Rookie (what up, Rook) stepped it up with ten more miles on Sunday, bringing his total to 16 for the weekend. His wife Kathy ran three and his kids got in on the action with bike rides. Big effort Rook. I will hit you offline this week but in the interim, do send a picture.

Speaking of wives, my man Nick ran 20 on Saturday, as was previously posted. His wife Jen added seven. Thanks Jen and hope all is well with you.

My buddy Wiley ran 10 (though I'd like to see photo evidence) and told me he's 99 percent in on joining me for the California International Marathon. I am pumped and have my fingers crossed.

Diamond Bud Zolla, one of my favorite dudes in the world ran a 5k race and ran a PR at the age of 40. He tells me he is contemplating an 8k and possibly even a half marathon in the future. I'm going to have you doing a 100k trail ultra with me in no time, Willie. Another fantastic effort.

I think that's it. Still waiting to hear from a few others, including Todd, Rob and Val. And hopefully others. I have some great photos I will post tonight, or when I get back tomorrow from LA.

In the interim, I will leave you with a great snippet from a conversation I had earlier with my mother:

Mom: "Howie. You didn't tell me you were doing your race this weekend. Why wouldn;t you tell us?"

Me: "Ummm, mom. I've posted about this for about three months now. About 30 other people figured it out."

Mom: "Ok, well, I don't really read it every day. I just rely on your father to tell me if there's something important going on"

Ladies and gentlemen -- my parents.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Day Two Pictures

The Kid, aka, Payro, aka Louisiana Lightning. Payro as mos tof you know is my number one training partnr and ultra buddy. He's gearing up for his first (and last?) 100 miler this fall. Me and the kids at the neighborhood pool this am. The Girl in particular is quite the fish. Carrie and her dude at the Brooklyn Bridge. I look forward to meeting the dude some time soon and seeing Carrie. And ast, but certainly Jeff and Carol Cleary-Schultz. Can't tell you guys how happy we are to have you out here. Thanks for coming out to the game today!

More mileage

A second solid day for our little day day, pan-US endurance event:

The Wife woke up early today and ran five hilly trails miles. And on the subject of the Wife, happy 12th anniversary today. I am very, very fortunate -- and thankful - to have such a great wife and marriage.

Our friend Carol Schultz, Jeff's wife (who we just had dinner with a few moments ago), ran 10 miles. Awesome effort, Carol.

My cousin Carrie, who with her brother Matt is like a fourth sibling to me, walked 15 miles with her boyfriend. Thanks Carrie; I will post the picture shortly.

And on the topic of Carrie, her mother and father, Sue and Saul of Ridgewood, New Jersey walked three miles. Thanks guys -- sorry you weren't able to get my parents out there (speaking of which, my parents are conspicuously missing. Didn't you even play Tennis, Gerry?)

Payro ran another two hours today, putting him at a grand total of 23 for the weekend. He's our current leader, though I have yet to hear from Gail, eho's rumored to be putting in a 25 mile training run.

I swam a mile and then an additional six laps with the kids, both of whom were insistent on getting their laps in for "dad's thing."

Anyone else? Missing anyone? Please let me know if so. On the interim, thank you from the bottom of my heart, everyone: I really appreciate it. I will be making a group donation to both ThyCa and Stand Up to Cancer. I will have more information soon.

In the interim, second group of photos will be posted momentarily.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


My brother Neil (who looks like the lead singer in Loverboy with that headband) and my beautiful baby niece, Mandy Rose. Shannon from LA. Can't tell if she's throwing out gang signs (you a Blood or Crip, S?) or noting 2 and 0 in celebration of her first 20 miler. That's me, in the parking lot before my race. Those would be my legs. Look pretty tan, eh? Well guess what -- that's dirt. I was covered head to toe. And on the subject of me that's my favorite North Face running hat. See that white stuff? That's salt. As in salt from sweating, salt. And the pictures don't even do it justice; I was a salt/dirt combo. And last but certainly not least, Uncle Mikey, aka Gaga, on the tennis court.

Update #2

Alrightee, the updates are rolling in and nce again, I am humbled. Thank you all for the participation.

My high school buddy Glenn M, aka The Rookie, who found me through this blog (for which I am immensely grateful) ran 6 miles today -- also in a hurricane -- and plans to do another 10 tomorrow. Send a picture, Rook.

My former colleague and newly minted Californian Shannon R ran - wait for it -- 20 miles (her longest run ever) as she gears up for the Chicago marathon next month. Awesome effort Shannon.

My good buddy Brian C, who we just had dinner with, ran 4 hilly miles through Marin County and 20 for the week, which is just killer. My other good buddy Jim H, who rides the mountain bike like Lance, got back on the bike today and did a gnarly ride. His lovely wife Emily ran -- four Emily? I get that right. Pictures of the Hughes clan would be appreciated.

Ironman Schultz, another newly minted Californian, who is one bad ass runner/triathlete ran 18 miles in the Peninsula, which was roasting today. Have a picture Jeff? And how many id Carol run today? Send a picture of the two of you tomorrow.

And last but certainly not least, but sister in law Penny and brother in law Mike, who are closer to us than I can express and among my favorite people in the world, ran (Penny: three miles. Which is the equivalent of 20 in the Tampa heat) and played Tennis.

So -- we are off to a killer start. More tomorrow -- hopefully much more. My contribution tomorrow will be a one mile swim, which will hopefully help with my recovery. I can barely freaking walk - I am shelled from this run.

Pictures coming momentarily.

Early Results are In

Ok, I am just back from my race and we have a few updates:

The Boy and the Girl both got into that action and swam laps today. Not sure if it was in my honor but hey, I am in PR so what the hell; let's say that they did. Hope The Wife took a picture.

My friend Diana in New York did yoga. A bit unusual, but it's "active" and it counts; thanks Diana!

My main man Neilie S (my brother) a former (three time) marathoner, dusted off the old running shoes and ran for three miles (at least that's what I think he said). Picture of Neilie to follow. Way to go Neil -- hope you keep running. You still have to beat me in a marathon in this lifetime if I remember correctly.

My main man Payro, who you all know, literally ran two hours in a hurricane in DC. No joke. For anyone else this would be the biggest accomplishment of the weekend, but for Payro it's just another day in the park. He promised to send a photo tomorrow when he runs yet another two hours.

My main man Nick Quirke, who's training for his first marathon, busted out his first ever 20 miler in the scorching time of 3 hours flat. Proud of you, Nick. You are well on your way.

And I guess I did my part too. My Facebook feed says it all: "20 miles + 4,000 feet of climbing * 92 degrees = total agony.
In a nutshell, more things went wrong than right: I has some major GI issues in the am (I will spare you the details), I twisted my ankle badly (I expect it to be locked up tomorrow), it was blazing hot and myself and a whole bunch of others ran off course for two miles (which pissed me off; you do NOT want to get blown off course 3 hours and 15 minutes into a race, trust me). That all being said, I felt pretty darn strong. Hills (massive hills. And plenty of them) aside, I was able to keep us a very consistent and decent pace and I generally felt good. I will post some pictures later.

So, that's the update thus far. More coming soon.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Stand Up to Cancer

So, did anyone watch this? It starts in about ten minutes; I am very, very curious to see how it's executed. If some of you remember, we pitched this business months ago when the idea was pretty nascent. I give the ladies a lot of credit for making it happen. I'm also somewhat happy that we weren't ultimately responsible for the PR effort, but that's a story for another day.

In other news, The Second Annual Run for Thyroid Cancer officially kicks off tomorrow and lasts through Sunday. Y'all know the drill; go out, be active, do SOMETHING (walk, hike, run, swim, bike, crawl - I really don't care). Send me your mileage and hopefully a digital photo that you don't mind me posting on this here site.

And that's about it. I consider it the world's most "extended" endurance event. This year we have a bunch of people putting in 20 mile efforts; can you tell that we are approaching marathon season?

Anyway, thanks for a great response and a particular thanks to my friend Shannon for the nice plug on Facebook (which drew considerable traffic to the site; bet you didn't know you didn't know you are such a "connector", eh Shannon?).

ANyway, I'll be doing my part tomorrow am with a 30k trail race featuring 3,000 feet of climbing. And did I mention its supposed to be 97 in Oakland, where the race takes place? Shades of the Double Dispea.

More -- hopefully lots more -- tomorrow.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Restoring Vision

I had lunch with the most interesting person today. He's the founder of an organization called PRVAIL. You can learn about them here. In a nutshell, they provide glasses and sunglasses to the needs, mostly those in foreign, third-world countries. To date, they have given away hundreds of thousands of free glasses. Evidently, when people learn they are coming they line up for days in advance. And me, like a moron, I only line up for a stupid iPhone.

This guy was in this purely to help others. He isn't seeking fame, glory or anything of the sort. He's singularly dedicated to helping improve the lives of others.

Contrast against the blowhards of the Republican National Convention. The Democratic National Convention too for that matter. They talk and talk and talk and talk. While this guy just "does", simply for the sake of doing good. In the Jewish religion we call this performing a mitzvah.

Anyway, I was pretty inspired by this guy and I'm hopeful and optimistic that I can rally my firm to help him out in his efforts.

But more broadly than that, I hope that one day - preferably sooner than later -- I can find a way to do my part too.

Anyway, food for thought.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I haven't heard from any of you so I am requesting a roll call below: what will you be doing for the Thyroid Cancer Run this coming weekend? I will kick things off: I will be going a gnarly, 30k (18.6 miles) trail run in the Oakland hills. That is, I will be doing it if I can figure out how to find the start line, but that's a story for another day.


I used to be a big Joe Lieberman fan and there's still a few things that I like about him, but I think the dude has lost his mind. I will leave it at that for now.


If any of you are into "outdoor living" books in the spirit of "A Walk in the Woods" By Bill Bryson (one of my all-time favorites; I was excited to learn my buddy Jeff is currently reading this for the first time) I strongly suggest "The Cactus Eaters" by Dan White. It's the story about his attempted traverse across the Pacific Coast Trail (which crosses not too far from my house, for whatever it's worth). It is equal parts funny and entertaining and though it gets blown a bit off course at times, I am finding it a terrifically light but interesting read.


I have been listening to a ton of new music (my marathon training has picked up big time these past few weeks -- nothing like new music during a 2.5 hour run), much of it good. I am getting into this new genre (realtively new, anyway) called "dubstep" which is probably the most interesting new category I have heard in a long while. More on this later. In the interim, though, I have to say that the new Brian Eno/David Byrne album, which coincidentially is reviewed today on Pitchfork, is absolutely excellent and is getting markedly better with each progressive listen. Might be might second favorite album of the year behind Girl Talk. Important caveat: I'm a huge Talking Heads fan. If you like the Heads, I think you will like this too.