Sunday, September 21, 2008


One of the coolest aspects of the Bay Area is that nearly everyone is fitness minded. This region is most definitely not a New York or even a Chicago from a cultural perspective (the museums and theater don't compare) but people really take advantage of the great outdoors; everywhere you turn people are swimming, biking, running, hiking, playing baseball, lacrosse, etc. The area is so beautiful that you can't help but not take advantage of it.

Yesterday morning we drove into the City early and watched my buddy Mark and his pal from SoCal do a swim from Alcatraz to shore. Mark did great and I was stoked for him but at the same time I confess to being green with envy; I wanted to jump in and join him. Alas, despite my feelings, it's good to be rooting others on, especially a friend. I did run 12 miles home; first time I have ever run from the City, up and over the Golden Gate bridge and back into Marin. Beautiful views on a beautiful day.


Today I coached the Little Boy's fall baseball team; that's right I am the "official" coach. It's pretty rewarding, though coaching third and fourth graders definitely has its moments. Nice kids though, and it really is amazing to me how much little kids love baseball. Actually, it shouldn't be that amazing: here I am at 42 watching the Yankees game and screaming at the TV. I'm sad to say goodbye to the stadium.


I am not exactly knows as a fan of heavy metal music, but I very much recommend the new Metallica album. It's loud, aggressive, catchy and perfect for running. I've listened to it twice this weekend and it's pretty epic.


Off to LA tomorrow for something like the 25th time this year. I was looking at my calender last week and realized that last week was the first time in about eight weeks that I wasn't on a plane. Getting a tad bit tired of the constant traveling, but as Michael Corleone so elegantly said, this is the life I've chosen.

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