Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update #2

Alrightee, the updates are rolling in and nce again, I am humbled. Thank you all for the participation.

My high school buddy Glenn M, aka The Rookie, who found me through this blog (for which I am immensely grateful) ran 6 miles today -- also in a hurricane -- and plans to do another 10 tomorrow. Send a picture, Rook.

My former colleague and newly minted Californian Shannon R ran - wait for it -- 20 miles (her longest run ever) as she gears up for the Chicago marathon next month. Awesome effort Shannon.

My good buddy Brian C, who we just had dinner with, ran 4 hilly miles through Marin County and 20 for the week, which is just killer. My other good buddy Jim H, who rides the mountain bike like Lance, got back on the bike today and did a gnarly ride. His lovely wife Emily ran -- four Emily? I get that right. Pictures of the Hughes clan would be appreciated.

Ironman Schultz, another newly minted Californian, who is one bad ass runner/triathlete ran 18 miles in the Peninsula, which was roasting today. Have a picture Jeff? And how many id Carol run today? Send a picture of the two of you tomorrow.

And last but certainly not least, but sister in law Penny and brother in law Mike, who are closer to us than I can express and among my favorite people in the world, ran (Penny: three miles. Which is the equivalent of 20 in the Tampa heat) and played Tennis.

So -- we are off to a killer start. More tomorrow -- hopefully much more. My contribution tomorrow will be a one mile swim, which will hopefully help with my recovery. I can barely freaking walk - I am shelled from this run.

Pictures coming momentarily.

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