Wednesday, September 24, 2008

News of the Day

So, what's the big news of the day? hmm. Could it be the disintegrating financial markets? Nope.

How about the presidential campaign and McCain's (strange) effort to cancel Friday's debate? Somewhat attention grabbing but not it.

Lance's press conference spelling the details of his 2009 season? Let's see: I am pretty much the biggest cycling fan ever but nope, not it.

Which leaves us with only one more thing: Clay Aiken declaring he is gay.

I am still in a state of utter shock and am not certain how I made it through the day. I mean -- Clay Aiken? Who EVER would have thought that?

Not sure if I will ever manage to accept this as the truth.

In other news, McCain is out of his mind and I am counting the hours, minutes and seconds until the 2009 Tour de France. I might need to take the month of July off and head to Paris -- and unlike the above, that's no joke.


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who is this cly aiken? one of your u of m boys?gs