Monday, September 8, 2008

But Wait -- There's More

Some late breaking reports from around the country.

Our superstar fellow thyroid cancer survivor and my new hero Gail Marino -- no stranger now to this blog - wins the Ironman (Ironwoman), actually) award for the weekend. She ran 6 miles on Saturday followed by -- get ready for it -- 25 on Sunday, for a grand total of 31. That is straight up badass. And did I say she's a cancer survivor? You rule, Gail; enormous respect.

My main man The Rookie (what up, Rook) stepped it up with ten more miles on Sunday, bringing his total to 16 for the weekend. His wife Kathy ran three and his kids got in on the action with bike rides. Big effort Rook. I will hit you offline this week but in the interim, do send a picture.

Speaking of wives, my man Nick ran 20 on Saturday, as was previously posted. His wife Jen added seven. Thanks Jen and hope all is well with you.

My buddy Wiley ran 10 (though I'd like to see photo evidence) and told me he's 99 percent in on joining me for the California International Marathon. I am pumped and have my fingers crossed.

Diamond Bud Zolla, one of my favorite dudes in the world ran a 5k race and ran a PR at the age of 40. He tells me he is contemplating an 8k and possibly even a half marathon in the future. I'm going to have you doing a 100k trail ultra with me in no time, Willie. Another fantastic effort.

I think that's it. Still waiting to hear from a few others, including Todd, Rob and Val. And hopefully others. I have some great photos I will post tonight, or when I get back tomorrow from LA.

In the interim, I will leave you with a great snippet from a conversation I had earlier with my mother:

Mom: "Howie. You didn't tell me you were doing your race this weekend. Why wouldn;t you tell us?"

Me: "Ummm, mom. I've posted about this for about three months now. About 30 other people figured it out."

Mom: "Ok, well, I don't really read it every day. I just rely on your father to tell me if there's something important going on"

Ladies and gentlemen -- my parents.


hope said...

70.3... count me in! (and actually... i think it was actually closer to 71! : ) thankfully it wasn't 2 miles off like you! you were missed in santa cruz this year! had a good race... feeling it today! hope

Nana said...

I can't run anymore but would kayacking in the morning and 5 hour sail in the afternoon count? All in the name of us Cancer survivors. Everyday is a blessing.

gailaj said...

Thanks, Howard...when I am feeling great during the 6 hour race on the 20th (she said optimistically), I will be thanking you for the inspiration to do a "long, long" training run. -Gail

Anonymous said...

it,s called "a failure to communicate" but if i did tell her about it and probaly did she would,nt remember it