Thursday, September 6, 2012

Greetings From NYC

I'm in New York CIty for a few whirlwind days of business, meetings and events. I'm headed to the US Open tonight with clients, which should be a lot of fun. Tomorrow I'm headed to Chicago for a weekend of 5k's; I have a 5k swim on Saturday am (I am suitably nervous - will be my longest swim ever) and then Sunday I have the Hyundai Hope on Wheels 5k run. That run is sponsored by a client, so this too is a quasi work event. Should be fun.

Remember that it's also the Howard Solomon Thyroid Run for Cancer. Get out there, do something and be sure to send me a photo.

And special word to my boy Todd. He will be running around Manhattan on Saturday - literally. 31 mile self-supported run in this brutal New York City humidity.

That's hardcore.

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