Monday, June 28, 2010

And We Are Back

Just back from our annual whirlwind of a boy's trip this past weekend in Michigan. It's a pain in the ass to get to and it leaves me wrecked in more ways than one, but it is also arguably my favorite 3.5 days of the year and I would not miss it for the world. Nothing like just sitting around a beautiful lake in the early days of Summer and hanging out with seven of my best friends in the world. Nothing.

So, what do we do on boy's weekend? Really, nothing. We barely move - literally - except when a few of us go for a run or swim. Mostly, we hang out, argue about what to play on the iPod, goof on each other, catch up individually in small side conversations, drink beer, play our annual high stakes monopoly game (high stakes in terms of reputation; not money), drink copious amount of beer, watch a movie or two and consume enough beef products to necessitate group testing for mad cow disease. Oh - and this year we did something new. We shaved one of the dude's head. That was a riot. If I get permission, I just might have to post a photo or two.

As I said; best weekend ever. Can't wait until next year.

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