Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

I think a mi life crisis might be upon me; my son is getting set to graduate from elementary school; my little girl is three weeks from turning eight and both kids are getting set to head to camp soon. On top of everything else, I am having a sciatica issue.

There is no denying the obvious; I am officially middle aged. Is there any technology out there for helping stop time? Well, as they say, there's no fighting gravity --I guess I have to roll with it. But man, it sure isn't easy.

And in the spirit of my mid life crisis I am pining for a car. But alas, it isn't a porsche, corvette or any similar sports car. Instead, I am becoming increasingly obsessed with getting a VW bus. In fact, it very well might happen if I can find one in decent shape at a decent price. Everyone has an opinion on them, but bottom line is that they are just as cool as hell. Right?


Scott H said...

You would look great in a VW Bus. Definitely get one. ebay has 67 of them listed. If you like any on the east coast, maybe Gerry will go with me to check them out for you:


Anonymous said...

As far as age goes don't complain just think of all the people who didn't make it to your age and how lucky you are. You have it all. Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest this instead:

gailaj said...

Ah yes, the body does break down after a while, especially when we put so many miles on it....let me know if you find the fountain of youth, but in the meantime, your kids will share some of their young spirit with you -- which helps!

Anonymous said...

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