Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Vibram Five Fingers

I picked up a new pair of Five Fingers thnks weekend; the Bikila's, which are designed for running. I took them out for a five mile spin this am and all the weird looks they garnered aside - and man, do people look at you cross-eyed when you wear these things - they felt very comfortable. More so than my previous pair, the KSO's. Any other Five Finger enthusiasts out there and if so, what do you think?

Posted via email from Howard Solomon


Todd said...

Howard knows I'm a VFF enthusiast. I think he was baiting me with this post. I now own 3 pair:
KSO's - I keep at the gym and use for my runs on the treadmill or in Central Park.
Trek's - I am currently wearing these exclusively when trail running.
Bikila's - My most recent purchase - and I concur with Howard - the most comfortable model yet.
I don't think I've worn a pair of running shoes since the Greenbelt 50K in May - and I have no desire to. My plan is to see if I can work up to running the Headlands 50K in August in my VFF Trek's.

Work of caution - if you start running in VFF's, make sure you start slowly!

neil s. said...

I love my bikila's as well. Also no interest in returning to traditional running shoes.

Howard Solomon said...

Ha! Yes Toddie I was definitely baiting you! WHere is your race report btw?