Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If You Live in Marin -- and Have Some Time on Saturday.......

Attention Marin-area readers of this blog. If you are around this Saturday and have some time to kill, we'd love the support on the Skinnyman 50k course. The Wife and Kids will be on the course, along with Coach Phil's and Todd's respective wives, and it should be fun. If anyone cares to join us for part of the run, you are absolutely welcome to do so. For whatever it is worth, the Little Boy plans to run the last 4 miles to the finish line, which is mostly downhill. Would be fun to gather a group for that last push. Meeting area for that would be up at Pantoll.

Anyway, if anyone is interested hit me with a comment below or via email and I will respond with meeting up points and when we expect to reach certain areas based on our anticipated finish time.

And as extra incentive to come out and support us, we do have a few extra technical t-shirts - and they are amazing - to give-away.

I think I speak for Todd and Coach Phil; we are stoked and ready to rumble.

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck managing the things that you can control and dealing with the things that you cannot. I hope you have fun.