Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coach Hoke

As some of you probably know, Michigan hired a new football coach yesterday, Brady Hoke.

He's not the pick that many were expecting - and the process in terms of getting there has been at times messy - but I cannot help feeling good about it. Based on what I have read and what former players are saying, there's something about this guy that I just like. Not to mention, I implicitly trust our new athletic director; I think he's a very smart and methodical man.

I am feeling very optimistic that Hoke is going to be able to return our program to its former glory. And generally speaking, when it comes to Michigan football I am a doom and gloom kind of guy, so my feelings on this subject are a bit out of the ordinary (for me at least).

Regardless, he's our guy and if you are a Michigan fan or alumn, it's your obligation - for now - to support the man.

So, good luck and godspeed Coach Hoke. And Go Blue!

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Anonymous said...

Coach Hoke gives me the "warm and fuzzies" and he has my support, but a closer look at the situation makes you second guess our choice and the whole decision making process. I think this sums it up nicely...