Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Michigan Football

The current situation with the Michigan football program is making me absolutely mental. I'm borderline obsessed. Can't imagine what this is all doing to my brother Neil.

My position on the matter? I feel bad for coach RichRod and I wish him well, but the program needs a change. That was made clear in our astonishingly poor bowl performance on Saturday. We gave the spread offense a chance - three years to be precise -- but alas, it was not meant to be. Now we know and it's time to revert back to old school, smash mouth style Michigan football.

Only problem is I am not sure if our athletic director agrees, based on today's events. I thought he would have been cleanly fired RichRod today but apparently we have to wait until tomorrow.

My hope is that Dave Brandon, our AD, is using this extra day to negotiate with the only person many of us - myself included - believe can bring Michigan back to its former glory - Stanford Coach (and Michigan alum) Jim Harbaugh, although a lot of folks are saying that Harbaugh is destined for the NFL.

So, I guess we shall see and I suspect it will all unfold by the end of the week. My fingers are certainly crossed.......

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goldentrails said...

As a Cal fan, I want nothing more than Harbaugh to leave. Michigan would be a fine destination!