Thursday, January 6, 2011


During the holiday's I tried to watch a movie a day, mostly via On Demand or Apple TV. Might seem like a lot but I am playing big time catch up; haven't really seen a movie in ages. In no particular order I watched: The Town, True Grit, The Kids are Alright, The Other Guys and .. one other that I can't remember. Oh - Get me To the Greek, which actually was my second viewing of that one. The two I liked most were True Grit (which I saw with the Little Boy; his first PG-13 movie) and The Town, which was surprisingly good. Very good in fact.

Now that I am on a quasi-roll, there's several others I want to see too including The Kings Speech, Black Swan and The Fighter.

Any suggestions as to how to prioritize and anything else out there were seeing that I am missing?

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