Monday, May 30, 2011

Jim Tressel Situation and Ohio State

I have to say that as a die-hard Michigan Wolverine, I take no pleasure from the Jim Tressel situation whatsoever. I think he's a fundamentally decent man who made some mistakes. He probably deserved what he got in the end but at the same time, I think the problems he encountered could have occurred at any major university - including Michigan. I also think that in the end, Tressel is going to go down as both a legend and now a martyr and that kind of bums me out. I would FAR prefer that he stayed at Ohio State, if for no other reason than to even the score a bit. Because any way you color it, the man holds a 9-1 record against Michigan. Us Wolverines will be reminded of the fact for an eternity. Anyway, a sad and unfortunate chapter closes. I sincerely wish Coach Tressel all the best moving forward. And - Go Blue.


Pregnancy Pointers said...

Well, listening to espn analyst Spielman talk about Ohio State you can tell that the university has always prided itself on excellence but since we have such a judgemental world with people who can be full of hate, that long standing excellence is not even noticeable because people are too ignorant to see that everyone is fallible. I wish schools would take a mirror to themselves b4 judging.

Home Made Energy said...

That’s a sad story to lose a long time coach but that’s life, you can’t help the changes every time. The thing they must do is to move on and find another better coach. And focus to the team’s goal.

Home Inspector Training said...

It can’t be help that you may lose anyone you had been a long time friend/coach. The team must move on and focus for their goal. Team must not stop on keep moving because 1 comrade is lost.