Monday, May 23, 2011

Team Record!

Well, the Little Girl did it - she broke a team and record in the fly, coming in at 16.42. I'm really happy for her, though she seems to be the one who's least worked up over the hoopla. She has a very good attitude and perspective on all this. Basically, she wants to go out, try her hardest and have fun. The thing I love best about her is what a great teammate she is; she's always supporting someone else. Shortly after her fly, her 100 free relay team also broke the team record and pool record, with a 1.03.3. In certain respects, this was even more exciting as the four teammates got to enjoy and celebrate together. I'll have to post a team photo later. In the meantime, here's a video from her fly.

And special props to her teammate, who we will refer to as R (I don't feel comfortable naming kid's who aren't mine on these here pages unless they are mine!). She broke three records herself, including back, IM (lowering her own record) and the aforementioned free relay.

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