Friday, November 12, 2010

So Long, Marty


So, my man Marty has been voted off the Island. What a bummer, most especially for my kids (our daughters are best friends). Our friendship aside, I thought Marty was the most interesting character this season and by far the smartest. I think what got him in the end is he played the game a bit too aggressively and was at times a bit unyielding in his position(s). Oh well, though, that's how the Survivor cookie crumbles. I would not be surprised if we see him back in another season.

The one thing that really galled me though were Jane's words at the end. She crossed a big line by bringing his family into it. Regardless of what anyone might feel about Marty, I can tell you this based on fact: he is an amazing dad - honestly, one of the best I know - and his three children (and his Wife for that matter) are awesome. I hope I do half as good a job as Marty at raising my own kids.

Jane is a raving idiot - truly - who has no understanding that it would be a privilege for her to be invited to the Piambo household.

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Nana said...

They are truly the all American family. I am happy I got the chance to meet them. I am sure they are happy to have their Dad home. How could Jane judge them, she never got or will get the chance to meet an awsome family.