Sunday, November 21, 2010

Swim Meet Weekend

We spent a good majority of the weekend - Saturday and Sunday - at an at times wet and cold swim meet in Oakland. Didn't matter much to the Little Girl though; not much gets between that girl and the water. Boy does she like to swim. And she's getting pretty darn good too. She swam eight races and probably would have done more if she was allowed. Im learning that it Ian easy being a swim parent but the reward - watching your kid do something they love, and seeing it build their self confidence in the process - is well worth the time investment. Anyway, here she is swimming 50 free. Go Little Girl, Go.

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Anonymous said...

she is the greatest and i can't wait to see her swim again and don't care where she places . well maybe that's not entirely true. gs

Nana said...

We are so thrilled to see her swim with such determination. We are so proud of her. Your son too! He is also very talented in the running field. What a joy!