Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fourth Annual Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid Cancer

I woke up this morning slightly manic. Actually, I wake up slightly manic most days but that's a post for another day.

I realized that last year we didn't do a Howard Solomon Run for Thyroid Cancer. It's been pretty popular in the past and I think it's time for a resurrection of sorts.

You can read about the last one here. In a nutshell, the Run for Thyroid Cancer (which really isn't a run at all) is designed to do two simple things that are important to me, personally: get people to be more active and give something back to the cancer community. And it's designed to be all inclusive. Anyone can "participate."

Here is how it's going to work this year: if in the aggregate we accumulate 100 points, I will make a somewhat significant donation in all of our names to Livestrong. So off the bat, let me say that this isn't going to cost you a thing. Just a little sweat. The donation will be made singularly by me, though you are welcome to make a donation if you choose. And if you do, you will receive a cool special prize. More on that later.

To participate, all you have to do is something "active" on the designated day. Active doesn't have to be a 50k - but you do have to break a light sweat. Lets go with an activity that gets your heart rate above 100. Could be a brisk walk, a light jog, family bike, a hike or a game of tennis (hi, dad!). You probably get the point. The one thing you HAVE to do to qualify is send me a picture as proof that I can then post to this site. I promise to protect privacy, especially of children.

Here is how the point system will work:

- you get one point if it's a solo activity - meaning just you
- you get one additional point for every adult member who partakes, and 2 additional points for every child
- you get 5 bonus points if I deem the event to be "gnarly". A run over 10 miles would probably count or a bike ride over 40.

The "event" will span over two days and I'm looking at the weekend of September 24-25. It jumps out at me as an active weekend: my daughter has her first swim meet of the season, my main man Todd is running the Hamptons Marathon and if I get permission from the Mrs., I will be doing the Coastal 50k.

Oh, and ten bonus points to Todd if he breaks 3:20 at the marathon. :)

Anyway, that's about it. Exact amount of the donation is TBD but it will be a good one and the specific amount will be dependent on our total points.

If you are in, please roll call it out in the comments. Interested in seeing who's still out there anyway.


Anonymous said...

Happy to be the first to commit - I'm in.


P.S. 3:20 ain't gonna happen

GoldenTrailsDave said...


at a minimum, I'll go for a walk and/or hit the pool.

Anonymous said...

Let's get posting, got it, How!
I am in x 100. I plan to have my children involved and you know Jenny is in, too. This is going to be great, I just know it!!!!

gailaj said...

Sorry to be late to the races scheduled, but can definitely do a long run that weekend...does that work? Gail

Melissa Boehning Libert said...

Libert family is IN! Miles is walking so we'll plan a trail outing...wagon, hike, whatever it takes!