Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Summer TV

You don't usually think of Summer for good TV, but I think it features the best shows of the year. I'm deeply hooked into five shows, all of which have been good to great.

By far, my favorite is Breaking Bad. If you don't watch it, start now. The acting and writing is superb and it picks up momentum each season. This season, Four, might be best of all.

Next in the queue is True Blood. It's still a favorite, but I feel like it's starting to stall a bit. Some of the storylines are becoming a bit silly and superfluous. It's too entertaining to ever give up, but the overall story arc isn't progressing to the same degree as Breaking Bad.

Next up is Entourage. Episode one bummed me, episode two stokes (by the way, be sure to check out It's a bit too early to tell; Entourage generally picks up momentum as the season progresses. Doesn't stoke me that this is the last season.

Weeds is on to its six season I think and it started off great; they definitely mixed things up and the first two episodes were terrific. Since then it's slowed significantly and I'd even go so far as to say that this week's episode was bad.

And last but not least is the Larry David Show. It used to bum me but I watched anyway because the Wife is a big fan and somewhere along the way I got hooked. That Larry David is a character.

And that's about it for me; five seems like a pretty manageable number. Anything I am missing out on?

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