Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outside Lands

Wel, that was super fun. It's been a while since I've been to a music festival that size (maybe the original Lalapalooza - 20 years ago!), I went with my friend Jennifer, who just moved to Marin, and we had a blast. Highlights included the Black Keys, Warren Haynes Band, Muse and my personal favorite - Girl Talk. Man, Girl Talk was unreal; Gillis had the entire place just rocking. The only bummer - and it was a fairly major one at that - was getting out of there. It literally - no exaggeration - took us 2 hours to find a car. It was brutal but kind of fun at the same time. I'm glad I went but that might be it so far as large festivals go; I love the music but the crowds make me mental - though there was definitely some good people watching. There are some crazy characters in San Francisco.

Today was pretty much a perfect day: slept late-ishh; went out for a pancake breakfast; ran 13 miles of killer trails (ouch did that hurt) hung out at the pool and swam a bit and just cooked a steak. Then: True Blood, Entourage and Breaking Bad. As solid as it gets.

In other news: I signed up for a 50k in two weeks. Gotta do something with all this fitness. Yes. I am completely out of my mind.

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