Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today was Champs - the biggest swim meet of the year. The Little Girl rose to the occasion and had a great race. She swam three best times, which is always the objective and a heck of a way to end a season. She finished fourth overall in backstroke (and she won her heat); fifth in fly and 8th in IM. A great day overall and next year should be even better as she returns to the same age group.

The most important thing though? She loves to swim, always gives her best effort and is a terrific teammate who always demonstrates good sportsmanship. And those are the things that really matter. Anyway - Good job Little Girl. If you ever read these here pages I am super proud of you. You are an excellent athlete and an even better Kid. And while on the subject, I am proud of your brother too for the way in which he supports you 100 percent. You might nto realize it now, but he's really your biggest fan.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations Summer!!! That's a lot of work (and fun) to swim soooo fast.