Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long Run

I did the longest training run of my life today; four hours, about 19.5 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing. Suffice to say, i am shelled. I did a lot of recon on the course of a race that I'm running in a month with my boy Todd. Todd, if you are reading this I have two things to say. One, I promise this will be the most beautiful course/trails you have ever seen. It's off the charts beautiful. Second, you will likely not enjoy much of it at all because it's so hard and hilly it's borderline ridiculous. Nice and slow is most certainly going to be the order of the day. Anyway, attached are a few photos.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it, Howie. I did my long run on Saturday - perhaps the hottest day of the year. Not nearly as hilly, but my 4 hour run was done with the heat index over 100. Been doing lots of hill training during the week, but I'm sure I cannot prepare myself for what's coming in 32 days. Still stoked!