Monday, July 19, 2010

Damn Near Burnt the House Down

I was utterly exhaused all day today and was simply looking forward to heading home and bbqing this nice steak I bought yesterday at WHole Foods. I get home form the gym, take the steak out, moving at a leisurely pace when voila -- the grill isn't working. Figuring it's the starter I look for matches for a half hour and .... nothing. So, thinking it's the gas I head downtown and buy a new thing of propane to the tune of a lot of money. I get home, put it in and ... nothing. Si I call my friend Em and ask if I can use her mother's grill (she lives next door). I head over there -- and her starter is broken too.

So now I am getting pissed. And staring me in the face is this insanely great looking steak.

So finally I say F**& it. I have 1.5 hours invested in this damn thing and I am eating it hell or high water.

So I break out the computer, google "Pan fry a steak" -- and (kind of ) follow the directions. Think I used too much olive oil though because it was freaking splattering everywhere. And my fire alarm went off not once, but twice. And at one point this thing was smoking -- as in literally. After about 12 minutes I turned it off. With bated breath I took a bite -- and holy freaking cow was it good. I'm not saying that fro the sake of the story either; it honestly may have been the best damn steak I have ever had. Perfectly charred, perfectly done -- it was incredible.

Kind of proud of myself if I do say so myself. Though now I have to clean up grease that seems to be pretty much all over my kitchen. And the house? Still standing, though it smells like charred meat. I suspect that smell isn't going anywhere any time soon, either. And if the WIfe is reading this -- we have steel wool anywhere? Not that there's reason for concern or anything.

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