Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Batter Up!

Tomorrow is the first day of baseball. One of the best day's of the year, without a question. I'm going to predict a World Series featuring my original home town team (Yankees) versus my adopted town's team (Giants). If this prediction comes to pass, I think the Little Boy and I might have to move out of town for a few weeks. Regardless, I'm always more than excited for an impending season.

I'm also predicting a huge, MVP-caliber year from ARod and a Cy Young for CC. I'm also predicting that the Little Boy and I go to a boatload of games. I'd safely set the over/under at around 15.

In other news, I'm in LA, where the weather is just about perfect; a welcome respite from the seemingly never-ending rain we've been having in NorCal, though reports from there are that it's beautiful there too. Looking forward to getting home tonight.

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