Thursday, March 31, 2011

Good News

I think I'm Facebook friends with most everyone who reads this blog, therefore a majority of you have already heard the good news: I got my scan and blood work back last night and everything is clear.

By now, I am expecting good news, but with cancer one never really knows, so getting the "all clear" is ALWAYS good news.

SO, it's been a good week. We won a major piece of new business this week. We got nominated for the industry's top award for one of our client programs. I hired a bunch of great new people. I'm clear of cancer. And the Yankees won their home opener today.

All that, and it's not even Friday.



Anonymous said...

okey dokey

gailaj said...

Awesome news, Howard.

Nana said...

We had no doubt it would be clear. Just don't over doooooo!