Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Those of you who know me know I'm not terribly religious. Sure, I'm very much "ethnically" Jewish and I am very proud of my heritage, but like most Jews, I go to Temple no more than a handful of times a year, usually around the High Holidays.

But the Little Boy is about 18 months from his bar mitzvah and as part of that process he has to attend six Saturday morning morning. Prior to each service, there is a 45 minute class with one of the rabbi's, where he examines each individual section of the shabbat service. I have to say that I have greatly enjoyed each of these sessions; they are both interesting and thought provoking and they make me want to learn more. Whether or not I go down that path remains to be seen but this mini experience has been just terrific (though the Little Boy probably would not agree).

I grew up with/at a conservative temple and I used to somewhat scoff at the reform movement and their liberal interpretations, but I am discovering that they are to something. I think they fundamentally understand what turns kid's off from religion/hebrew school, and work to address those issues as part of their overall educational curriculum. Or - it could just be that this particular synagogue - and I'll give them a shout out - Temple Emanuel in San Francisco - just happens to be very, very good.


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you think if you went to a reform synagogue as a kid you would not have had to climb out the bathroom window to escape. gs

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Don't pull a Dukas on us.