Sunday, March 13, 2011

Race Report: Way Too Cool 50k

FInished Way Too Cool in 5:38. That's an improvement over my last Cool (2008) by nearly40 minutes, but that might be a bit misleading because I think this newly modified course might be a bit "easier." Regardless, there's no question that I was lot more fit this year. I was steady and consistent all day and really didn't lose my legs except maybe for the top of Goat Hill (mile 27), which is a serious doozy of a hill.

The Cool/Auburn region is spectacularly - almost indescribably - beautiful. Amazing scenery, waterfalls everywhere - it's really a site to behold. However, the course was wet from all the recent rain - and I mean really wet. It might have been the most consistently muddy course I've ever run and I finally paid the price for it at mile 27-ish, when I rolled my ankle something fierce on a muddy downhill. It's killing me today and my fingers are crossed it's nothing serious.

Anyway, pretty good gauge of my fitness and I'm overall pretty happy with my race. Next up is 50 miler in a few short weeks, with my boy Todd. That one is going to hurt.

Big ups to my friends Emily and Mary on completing their first 50k. They both trained hard and kicked ass.

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gailaj said...

Great job, Howard.