Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New York, Redux

Greetings from New York - again. Second time in two weeks, which is definitely a bit much. Getting tired of all this traveling business. This trip was around an industry awards ceremony that was held last night. Our new-ish firm was selected as the New Agency of the Year, which was pretty cool. As a senior partner, I felt it might obligation to attend. The best part of these events are catching up with old friends, and I was able to chat with several really good friends that I haven't seen in years. That alone made the trip worth it.

The second highlight was visiting Crossfit NYC. You know you're hooked when you are waking up super early and a jet lagged state to hit a Crossfit workout. To make matters worse, it was a mile from my hotel and it was pouring. So, I got a wet two miles in as well.

Sometimes I really think I need my head examined.

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Anonymous said...

if they check your head they"ll probably find nothing.(i know. an old dizzy dean joke).gs