Friday, May 4, 2012

Oh MO! Say it Ain't So

Apologies for the horrible pun; I could not help myself.

So, yesterday happened. A rotten day all-around, made worse by Mariano's ACL tear. The Little Boy and I sat in front of the computer yesterday in utter disbelief; we watched that video on a continual loop maybe ten times. We simply couldn't believe what we were seeing.

Suffice to say, that's no way for a Hall of Fame career to end. The only consolation I take in this is that I think it will ironically extend his career. Although he's quiet, he is a flat-out warrior and warriors don't go down like that. I suspect he will work his butt off on rehab and come back in 2013. It may have not been his original plan, but I don't think that plan included a year ending injury SHAGGING FLY BALLS IN CENTERFIELD.

Anyway, Yankee nation can only hope that my theory is correct. Either way, get well soon, Mariano. And if that is indeed the last we have seen of you, thank you for one hell of an 18-year ride.

(POSTSCRIPT: I am so smart, if I do say so myself. I swear, I wrote all of the above before seeing this.)

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Anonymous said...

yeah, this was a great post. on point throughout and I have to agree. nq