Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Activities

The Parental Units are in town and between two swim meets (one in Marin, one in Sonoma) and a baseball game (the little boy had two great hits; maybe his best hitting day ever) I think we kept them pretty busy. Between another two games, another swim meet, a visit to the Peninsula, a visit to Sonoma and two tennis lessons, I think they will have a fruitful visit. One thing about us Solomon's is that we are always on the go - not much rest for the weary.

On that note, I think my favorite part of the weekend came yesterday afternoon. After waking up early and swimming five events in the freezing cold, you'd think the Little Girl would want to take it easy ain the afternoon and maybe nap. Not the case. Instead, she asked me if we could run (three miles) to my partents hotel before dinner. So off we went, with her gabbing the entire time. Once we got there she said she could easily run three more.

We didn't, but I believed her.

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