Sunday, March 7, 2010

Best Movie

I thought the Hurt Locker was pretty darn good; kudos for winning Best Movie. Didn't see that one coming but glad the Academy didn't go the traditional/easy route. On the subject of movies, I saw Crazy Heart last night with The Wife (first time we've been to the movies in a looongggg while) and I thought Jeff Bridges was outstanding and the movie was a tad bit long. Though I don't care what anyone says: Jeff Bridge's best role is and always will be The Dude in the Big Lewbowski. One of the all-time greatest movies.

My personal selection for Best Movie of the year? The Hangover. Funniest movie since Old School and an all-time top ten.

Nothing else much to report. Insane weekend here weather-wise and did the usual: swim (with The Girl), run (with the Boy), skateboard and more. I think we were outside for at least ten hours today, which is my personal mark of a great day.


Chris said...

Bridges was great in "Crazy Heart", but didn't think it was a particularly great movie. BTW, you ready for Greenbelt? 9 weeks away.

Anonymous said...

ran 16 saturday and 14 sunday. Greenbelt here we come!

Start booking those flights


Anonymous said...

p.s. Just checked and registration is now open for the Greenbelt 50K.