Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A New Blog for Endurance Athletes with Thyroid Issues

I guess this post really only applies to Gail and I, but at long last someone started a blog for us endurance athletes with thyroid issues. I haven't reached out to the author yet, but intend to soon. Props to Payro for sending me the link, which can be found here.

It was very interesting to read her story. Though our issues are different - she has Hashimoto's, while I of course had cancer - some of the symptoms are similar. Also, she writes of having dry brittle hair, nails that break easily, super dry skin and other symptoms, many of which ring true for me. I experience all three regularly. Makes me wonder if I have recurring symptoms of being both hypo and/or hyper and yet have learned to adapt. Although I seem to be over the hump (knock on wood) of this disease, I'm starting to realize that I'm really living with a chronic disease that will likely be with me the rest of my life.

Kind of a heavy thought for a Tuesday night. Think I'll go watch American Idol or something and turn my brain off.


Nana said...

Whenever we hear of someones illness the symptons seem so similiar to what we think we are feeling. Nine times out of ten hopefully we are wrong. Look on the bright side and have a wonderful day and be happy that you are fine.

gailaj said...

Thanks for sending me the link too. I haven't looked at it extensively yet, but am interested...since I had some of the same symptoms at first(fatigue and weight gain while running 60 miles a week), since I was diagnosed with low thyroid and Hashimoto's before I got thyroid cancer,and then the thyroidectomy...