Monday, March 8, 2010

First Race of the Year

Alrightee. The ankle is still a bit wonky, I have yet to run over 7 miles in 2010 and I just signed up for my first ultra of the season; the Greenbelt 50k on May 8 in Long Island. Exactly two months from today.

Big gulp.

I am sure I will make it to the finish line but I suspect this is going to be steady and slow. I made a promise to my main man Toddie B that I will run this with him (his first ultra) and I am nothing if not a man of my word. Now, I literally have got to get running. Payro is joining us to and I am hoping that maybe we will see an appearance from Gail as well. Gail - what say you? The three of you better have mercy on me.

So, it's on. Let's see if the old ankle can hold up. Have to say though-- I am kind of stoked.

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gailaj said...

I am hoping to do my first 50K after my injury recovery at the end of the month (March 28), so that will inform my decision about May! But I think it could happen :)