Thursday, March 25, 2010

Go Away, Spammers

What is it with this site that all of a sudden I have attracted so many freaking spammers lately? I love you guys and all, but it's not like I have the biggest audience in the world. I do have a lot of posts in the aggregate, but still. Anyway, if you are reading this, bloggers, go away. We're not interested in your drugs, your sneakers or anything of the sort. I mean, I'm all ears if you have some cool discounted running gear or cutting-edge electronics products but beyond that, vamanos.


Speaking of running, for the first time since my car accident in December, I feel like I am rounding back into shape. My ankle isn't 100 percent and it's ben a long road, but I am getting there. I am planning on running the Greenbelt 50k with Todd and Payro and hopefully Gail on May 8 (or 9th - I can't remember) but boy oh boy are those two boys going to kick my ass. I might be ready come early May, but it will be by the hair of my chinny chin chin.


Less than double digits until delivery of my iPad. To say I am stoked would quite the overstatement. I'll try to contain my excitement and say nothing more on this particular subject until April 12.


On the subject of cancer -- a topic I have not had to visit on these here pages for a very long time, I am sending good vibes to a certain someone in New Jersey. I want to respect their privacy but those who are reading this, know who I am talking about. Thoughts and prayers with this very nice fellow and his terrific family.

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quirken said...

I liked this post, but there were a few hilarious errors:

"Anyway, if you are reading this, bloggers, go away."
"vamanos." (this means here we go!)
"To say I am stoked would quite the overstatement."

Glad to see all this, and by the way, those spammers actually got me into some great shoes, and all of them were less than 150! Normally I spend about twice that much on shoes. All of them are really stylish and look great.

I'm reading closely, How, and what more can you ask of your readers?