Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In the Event Anyone Cares

This is:

what's in my ipod(s): new Jimi Hendrix, White Stripes Live (awesome), Beck's OAR, Hey Champ (best mixtape I have heard in a long, long while), Broken Bels (my album of year for 2010 so far), Pavement (how have i not been listening to them more these past ten years?) and Sonic Youth. Hit me if you want me to up any of these albums on Dropbox; you will be able to download fairly easily.

what is in my Kindle: The Unforgiving Minute by Craig Mullaney. I am a sucker for a good memoir and a particular sucker for war/military related memoirs. This guy is a West Point grad, an Army Range, a Rhodes Scholar and was in Afganistan (I think -- I am not thre yet). He's also a terrific writer. I'm only about 40 percent through (percentage is a Kindle thing) but it is a superb read thus far. Next up is a book about .. taxidermy. Yes, you heard that right It got a great review in today's New York Times and I love books that cover strange and unique sub cultures.

what is in my future: 32 gig Wifi only version of the iPad. I am going to order this sucker on Friday, I have been mightily debating whether I should go 3g or wifi version, but I have come to the conclusion that I don't really need to give more money to AT&T. I suspect that the Wifi version will be more than sufficient and if it isn't, I'll give this to the Wife and get the other one.


michael said...

i care. and also, you're making a mistake by not going 64GB. you heard it here first!

Anonymous said...

boy,do i care.NOT GS