Monday, March 22, 2010

The Son Rises

Yes, that is son as in my son, The Little Boy. I'm pleased to report that he's recovered from Saturday's debacle. He dusted himself off and went to the pitching clinic with me yesterday, which was very helpful. When we got there the pitching coach(es) asked how everyone did in Saturday's game. When the Little Boy told him he gave up a game winning grand slam, all the coaches gave him a high five and talked about how they, too, all gave up game winners in their day. It was an awesome gesture. And tonight his team Coach sent a really nice note as well asking how we has doing. I love how all these coaches (and players as well) watch out for one another. Wasn't like that in my day, that's for sure. Classy community we have out here proves the old adage that there's an upside to every situation.


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