Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book, Music and Movies

Not to report, really. My life consists mostly of work, trying to get back in shape for this damn race, hanging with the family and hanging with my iPad. And not necessarily in that order if you know what I am saying. I won't bore you with more on the iPad, except to say that damn am I impressed by this thing. If anyone is interested in buying mine at a very good price in 30 days, hit me offline. I am definitely going to upgrade to the 3g version as I envision using it for work travel purposes.

In other news, we are headed out of town next week for Spring Break. If anyone has any good music, book or movie recommendations, I am all ears. Particularly on the book front. Neil? You usually have good suggestions.

Lastly, that was one terrific basketball game last night. I watched it at a bar with a bunch of buddies and we were going just about crazy. Too bad Butler couldn't pull it off but good on them for giving it the old college try.

My buddies by the way make my athletic envedours look absolutely puny in comparison. One is swimming from the Farralone Islands, home of the Great White Shark (literally -- look it up on Wikipedia) to San Francisco as part of a 5 man, 32 mile relay team. The other, a two time Olympian and Ironman Champion is aiming to possibly win the infamous Leadville 100 mile trail run. Pretty freaking gnarly.


neil s. said...

here are some recommendations, some recent some older
1) the looming towers
2) the brooklyn follies
3) the fortress of solitude
4) the man from beijng (overhyped, in my opinion)
5) confederacy of dunces
6) the pillars of earth -- then world without end
7) anything written by jonathan ames

you prob read some of these. let me know what you go with.

Anonymous said...

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