Monday, April 26, 2010

A Great Weekend

I had one of my best weekend's in a long, long while. The Wife and Little Girl were in NYC for a bat mitzvah/girl's weekend, so the Little Boy and I decided we'd do nothing but fun things out here. To make matter even better, one of my closest friends, Rob, was in from Singapore and spent the entire weekend with us. Activities included:

-- Little Boy's baseball game. The Met's finally won their first game of the year, and the Little Boy was a star, going 2-2 (one hit being a stand up double) with four RBI's and a great catch in the infield
-- small hike at Rodeo Beach (don't tell the Wife or Doctor, please)
-- Giant's game, where we saw an amazing outing by Barry Zito. And learned some interesting new words in the bleachers.
-- late night dinner at In 'n Out Burger
-- outing at batting cages and skate park
-- hang out and small hike at Muir Beach (don't tell Wife or Doctor about the small hike part please)
-- lunch in Bolinas, my all-time favorite California town
-- BBQ at the homestead

I could go on but bottom line: great all around weekend, with absolutely *perfect* weather (74 all weekend with no variation) to go along with it.

If you are reading this, thanks Uncle Rob for making a terrific weekend even better.

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DM said...

Sounds like a killer weekend. Great to hear that Rob moved from Hong Kong to Singapore :)