Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Robin Williams

I am a long time comedy fan and to put it out there, the raunchier the act, the better. My all-time favorites include the "classics" - Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy (in his heyday), George Carlin (RIP), Dice (in his heyday), Chris Rock ... and Robin Williams. I've long said that Robin Williams is a more evolved human being than the rest of us given how fast his brain (and mouth) work.

Every Tuesday night, our local theater, which holds about 100 people tops, has a comedy night. I've gone twice before, and they bring in excellent comedians from San Francisco and other parts of the country. But the two big attractions are Robin Williams, who lives one town over, and Dan Carvey, who lives in our town. They are both known to make unannounced appearances from time to time.

Last night our good friends Brian, Emily and Jim took me out to dinner and comedy night (thanks again the three of you!) and it did not disappoint. Halfway throug, Robin Williams took the stage and embarked on an hour long improv riff along with another comedian (his name eludes me but he was almost as good as Williams. Just being able to keep pace is a feat in and of itself). Definitely was one of the most entertaining experiences of my life; the excitement of seeing his take to the stage on a random Tuesday night, compounded by the fact that all of his bits - each one of which was done in complete improv fashion -- absolutely killed.

What a gift he has; to be able to turn any word, situation or circumstance into pure high comedy. And to be able to do so almost instantaneously. Wish I had that ability for just one day.

Anyway, definitely an experience I will remember for a very long time.

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