Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Mets

Well, the Little Boy's baseball team, the Mets, lost their sixth in a row tonight. Man, I just want them to win one game so darn badly. As I told him a few moments ago, though, of all the teams he has played on this one just might be my favorite. These kids are scrappy, they keep their heads up despite the losing, they have a collective love for the game and they are an absolute joy to watch (most of the time). I tried to explain to him tonight that though I know the losing is hard, he was learning an important lesson that he will appreciate later in life. I'm not exactly sure at the moment what that lesson might be, but I'm sure we'll figure it out over time.

In the meantime -- as a Yankees fan I never though I'd utter the following words-- but Let's Go Mets!

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gailaj said...

I know what you son's basketball team this year lost about a dozen games and won.....1 game. And to add insult to injury, for that game, the other team was down a man (6 players to 5 players)...seems like their tallest guys stopped showing up, and league rules prevented their being replaced...) so we always said that they were the hardest-working last-place team in the league, but could have used a few more inches!

Let's go Mets!