Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Man Oh Man

Those of you who know me well know that I like to bitch and moan. It's a part of my schtick. But I like to think that at my core, I'm a fairly tough dude. You can't be a cancer survivor and/or an ultra runner without being pretty tough. That being said, good lord. This is the most painful injury I've ever had - by far. Now I know why pain meds exist, though I still refuse to succumb to them out of principle, perhaps foolishly. I have to say the pain is a good 8.5 and I feel it every time I move, as the cut goes right across where my knee hinges. Last night I took the Little Boy to the Yankees-A's game and it was all good - except for the seats. And moving around. And as I type this I am sitting in LA waiting for my plane, which is an hour delayed. I could go on but the point is - rough week. I'll stop bellyaching now and my next post will focus on something entirely more fun and uplifting.

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gailaj said...

Go ahead and vent if it helps....SO sorry that you're going through this.