Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I feel like I spend much too muchtime on this blog talking about what ails me, be it cancer, my ankle, or now my knee. Trust me, I'd rather not be writing about any of these subjects. And if I had started this blog before I turned 40, I would be dealing with none of these topics, because I was, well, invincible (said tongue in cheek, y'all). But man, in a macro sense, my 40's have not been kind to me.

All this brings me to a topic I would rather not be writing about. My knee. I took it for a test drive gins am - a very easy - I mean easy 27 minutes. With two short walking breaks. And while them wound held up ok, the general knee area is aching pretty badly. Which makes me wonder if something isn't going on in there. Bums me. So, I see a lot of swimming in my future. And of course, I'm not even going to remotely attempt to run this weekend. Man oh man. Not a good 2010 at all from a running standpoint, that's for sure.

In other new though, the Yankees are playing some seriously awesome baseball. So I got that going for me.......

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