Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Knee

Went to the doctor to take a look at the knee; still pretty bruised, but seems like it is healing fairly well. I definitely am the current world record holder for the world's largest scab. I have never quite seen anything exactly like this thing; it looks like an alien life form. Fortunately he put some adhesive bandages over it, so I won't have to look at it for a few more weeks to come.

Asa r esult of this injury, I am woefully out of shape -- arguably the most out of shape I have been in since either going hypo/my thyroid surgery (the fourth anniversary of which was this past Wednesday) but today is the day I start all over. I went to the track today with the Little Girl to run a few mile repeats. Overall, the workout went well; three miles, each around 7:45 pace and while my heart rate was relatively high, I didn't feel all that bad either. So, maybe I am not all that out of shape.

I went to the track with the Little Girl, who ran about three miles herself. When we got there, we saw the last quarter of a high school lacrosse game. It was our local high school vs. the high school down the street - their big rivals. Our high school was winning by one point with two minutes left in the game. They ended up losing - on their own field -- by one goal. Two goals inside of 120 seconds; it was pretty devastating. It was my first lacrosse game and boy, was it painfully memorable. In fact, when the Little Girl and I ran around the track, two kids were still sitting on their bench, crying. As painful as that was to them, it severed as a lesson for the Little Girl, who was completely engrossed in the game.

The lesson? Don't give up. Never give up.

As a budding athlete herself, I hope it's one that she remembers.

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