Monday, May 3, 2010

New York

So, I'm headed to New York this weekend. In. Worst case scenario, I will (gladly) crew for Todd and Payro. But after a good weekend in which I hiked, walked and ran an easy - and I mean - easy half mile, I'm encouraged by the knee. And I'm starting to formulate a possible game plan for Saturday.

Suffice to say, the 50k is out. But the 25k is still calling out to me and I'm thinking of a scenariomin which I might walk a mile, easy run a mile, walk a mile ...... You get the point. My plan is to do an east test run on Wednesday, see how that goes and make a decision from there. I'll be sensible about things though and might check with my doc to make sure I'm not risking a major injury. Don't want to ruin an entire season because of a bad decision.


quirken said...

REST! This is a stupid plan. REST. REST. Pretend that you were hearing me propose this plan to you. Look in the mirror and say to yourself what you would say to me.

Rest, Howard. Do what you are supposed to do. No way you will be happy with your result anyhow, and who the hell wants to walk during a race?

Remember that one time in college when you had to abstain from drinking at that great party because you had (insert important event here) the next day? And you felt so left out because everyone got to drink but you?

Remember when you quit smoking, and you would walk down the street and every asshole but YOU was allowed to smoke? Smoke in the car, smoke in the park?

Seriously, just rest. You will live if you don't run (hobble) through that course. Only thing that can happen is you will exacerbate that bad boy.


As a side note, I think you are a bit of sissy for not running the race. It's only 25K, dude. Man up!


gailaj said...

Hey Howard -- Unfortunately, it turns out I won't be doing the race this hope to meet up with you at some future date. I really tired myself out doing the LI Marathon this past weekend (in a character-building PW time in the heat, but you know what they say, whatever doesn't kill you....), and my feet are still hurting me, so don't want to risk it on the trails....guess it was unrealistic to think I could do both.....Sorry!! --Gail

bjs said...

If I have the time to look at your bloody knee pics, you have time to call and say hello when you are in town, don't you think?

NANA said...

OK, we are all waiting to see what you did this weekend. RUN or WALK? Whatever you did hope you had a nice day.