Monday, May 10, 2010

My Boys

Greetings from NYC. Been here since Friday night and head home tomorrow. The highlight wihout a doubt was watching my boys Payro and Todd finish their 50k. Payro as you all know is an old hand but this was a first time effort by Todd and he absolutely kicked ass. He couldn't have done a better job and I get the sense this might be the first of many ultra distance races for him. It was equally amazing to hang out with his terrific family (and by family i mean his parents, wife, kids and broghers) for a few days. Also got to see my main man Finkel - another regular of these pages - and his awesome family as well.

And me? I decided to do the smart thing and sit this one out from a running perspective. It wasn't easy but it was the right call. There will be other races.

Posted via email from Howard Solomon


df said...

Good to see you too Howard.

gailaj said...

Sorry I missed you this time around! Hopefully you'll come back for another one in the NY area.

payro said...

It was awesome having you there, dude. Nice boost to the spirits all around.