Sunday, February 20, 2011

Golden Gate 30k, Er, Half Marathon

I ran the Golden Gate 30k trail run as a build up to Way Too Cool 50k in a few weeks. Actually, I intended to run the 30k; apparently I missed a turn off at the first aid station and as a result, ended up running the half marathon instead. Which was too bad, because I was on a *very* good day; felt strong throughout. Once I realized the error of my way, I went through the finish line and kept on running. Ran another 6 miles at the same pace and felt terrific throughout. Must be getting in shape.

Finish time was 2:07 which was good for 18th overall. If I knew I was running that race, think I could have gone at least 5 minutes faster.

The photo is me and my friend Emily, who rocked the 30k. I'm predicting she's going to kick ass at Cool. And props too to my boy Berkeley Dave, who straight up won the 30k. He is one fast dude.

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