Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks for the Memories, Andy Pettite

So, the news in Yankee-ville is that Andy Pettite is going to call it a career tomorrow. Given the Yankees very thin rotation, I was *really* hoping he'd come back for one more year, but had a pretty strong feeling that this news would come to pass. So, the Core Four ... in no more.

For us Yankees fans this is definitely the end of a terrific era.

It's a bummer, but thanks for the memories all the same, Andy Pettite. I think Yankee history is going to be very kind to you. While you weren't always our number one guy rotation-wise(see: Clemens, Rodger and Sabathia, CC) you were one hell of a gamer and you seemed to always come through when we needed you most. Enjoy your retirement and your four kids and don't be a stranger to Yankee Stadium. Hopefully we will one day see your jersey get retired. You've most definitely earned that honor.

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