Friday, February 25, 2011

New glasses

What do you all think - yay or nay? A bit different than my existing ones.

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Anonymous said...

forget the glasses. what's with the hair loss?gs

Anonymous said...

Since you asked... I think glasses are awesome, but there are probably better options for your face shape. Just sayin'


neil s. said...

Honestly - major, major nay. The heavy black look is overdone. if you want a big plastic frame check out clear or lighter colors.

just my 2¢

neil s. said...

Oops. just reread your blog and now realize u already bought them.

errr, they look great!

nana said...

I think they would be good in high school not now. Not a cool look. What is wrong with the ones you got in LAKE george?

Anonymous said...

your mother likes them.says they are in style. what a